look place,  is the psychologist and Nutritionist who collaborates with Clínica Respira.

  • College of Dietitians-Nutritionists of Catalonia: CAT587

  • Official College of Psychologists of Catalonia: 25221


  • Psychology Degree. Open University of Catalonia

  • Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics . Blanquerna University School

  • Master in Forensic Psychology e . ISEP 

  • Postgraduate in Interaction between food and drugs . IL3 University of Barcelona

  • Nutrition and energy course in physical activity and sport. Nutrinfo

  • Insulin therapy course and diabetic patient management. Nutrinfo

  • Specialization course in Physiological Bases  and Metabolic Nutrition . IL3 University of Barcelona

  • Specialization course in obesity and  cardiovascular diseases . IL3 University of Barcelona

  • Specialization course with  Healthy Food . IL3 University of Barcelona

My history with nutrition began as if by chance, a little unintentionally, since from a very young age I dreamed of being a biologist, I loved studying everything that was related to the human body and nature. Little by little, I began to realize that perhaps it was not what I was looking for, so in the end, thanks partly to fate and partly to the wise advice of my father, I opted for an option that was quite new in the field of health: human dietetics and nutrition .  

Today I can proudly say that I was not wrong in my choice because I am passionate about being a Nutritionist and being able to help my patients. What I like the most is the fight with them, the work we do side by side to be able to change their habits and of course, see their faces of enthusiasm and satisfaction when they reach the finish line and savor their achieved goals .

The relationship and treatment with patients throughout my first years of profession, made me see that food is intimately related to the mind and emotions , becoming in many cases a key piece to achieve the therapeutic objectives of the treatment. and keep them long-term. That's why I jumped into the pool and decided to become a psychologist .

Currently I like to work both as a Dietitian-Nutritionist and as a Psychologist , addressing, in a special way, those cases in which a psychological and nutritional approach is required, such as stress and anxiety related to food, eating disorders, psycho-emotional re -education related to food, conscious eating , etc.

But what I like the most, without a doubt, is helping my patients to believe in themselves, offering them a space where they feel listened to and accompanied, since I believe that it is one of the pillars to achieve any goal they set for themselves.