Lidia Mateos is the clinical nutritionist who collaborates with Clínica Respira.  

  • College of Dietitians-Nutritionists of Catalonia: CAT0353


  • Diploma in human nutrition and dietetics . CESNID. University of Barcelona

  • Graduated in food science and technology . Autonomous University of Barcelona

  • Dietary technique.

  • Pharmacy assistant.

  • Anthropometrist level I. International Society for the Advancement of Kineanthropometry (ISAK)

  • Specialization course in advanced clinical nutrition . ICNS

  • Course of intestinal pathologies . Taught by Virginia Gómez and Ángela Moreno.

  • Course on psychological and motivational aspects in dietary treatment for weight loss. CODINUCAT

  • Food advice course in vegetarianism . CODINUCAT

  • Nutrition and fertility course. Fass School.

  • Child nutrition course. fass school

  • Postgraduate module in phytotherapy in digestive conditions and weight control. IL3 University of Barcelona

  • Specialization course in Mediterranean Diet . IL3 University of Barcelona

My beginnings in nutrition originate in the high school years. There, I took a subject on nutrition that sparked my interest in the subject and, finally, I ended up being a dietitian-nutritionist and food technologist. What most caught my attention when I started my professional career is that small changes in diet  can translate into great changes in health and the body, whoever said "we are what we eat" was completely right. What I like most about being a dietitian-nutritionist is being able to accompany my patients to achieve their goal.


Professionally, I have been lucky enough to work in different fields of nutrition, which have allowed me to have a very broad vision of the subject: hospital nutrition, private practice, collective restoration and the food industry. Given my training and professional experience, I have specialized more in weight loss diets, clinical nutrition (especially digestive) and vegetarian diets , although I am constantly taking training courses to keep up to date.